Thursday, May 3, 2012


Hi Campers,
Well the time that most of us work our entire life has come (sort of ).  I have sorta retired. I have to take a 15 day leave (without pay). Then I can return to work long enough to sell our house, and pay off some bills and build a nest egg (rebuild our savings account). Our house is in a beautiful place (Tryon N.C.) with a view of a lake and looks out over miles and miles of Gods beautiful country.
Our retirement trip had many destinations and possibilities but we decided to go to Beaufort for the two weeks.
First, we went to The Oaks at Point South Campground, and set up the coach and met the staff, and all of the campers in the park. It is nice how of all the campers stop what they are doing and wave or walk by your coach and say high. What is so funny about this is, I caught myself doing the same thing. I think that most campers like to meet everyone and see where they from. I also like to see what the new coach's, 5th wheel, TT are, and I love to see those little trailer's. I have often wonder, what it would be like to camp in one of those. What do you do in case of rain? Do you invite friends in for a drink? Where do you put the table? Now for the most important question for the men is, where do you put the 52 inch TV??? I also look on how they set up there camp sight. Does the lady camper hang out there plants and place the tablecloth on the table, set out the chairs, place the street light out with the wooden name plaque? Each camper is different on how they set up there camp sight, and it gives me some ideas for our little set up.  
This is the proper way to get caught at work!
The next few days I cleaned the rims and tires on the coach. They look better and I am sure tired (arms and shoulders). I did all of the " honey do list" and sat down and just enjoyed the squirrels and the birds singing in the trees. Sandra and I walk 3 miles in the morning and ride our bikes the same distance in the afternoon. Well to tell the truth I attempt to do this exercise every day. Well the squirrels need attention to\!
We did our first trip and went to Beaufort and enjoyed a day of window shopping and sitting on the bay front and  enjoyed the people fishing and sitting on the swings and watching the boats going in and out of the bay. We always take a day and go to the beach and we like Hunting Island Beach. It is not crowded and there is plenty of tables to eat on. Plus if you really feel good you can climb the lighthouse. The view from the top is a view like no other. The camping on the island is a State park, and the park is able to handle any size of camper. Just make sure that you get your reservations  in early. The park is next to the ocean and you are just a short walk away. It has a great store and plenty of families having a great time.
It has been two weeks and I am tired and must take a long nap.  We will be leaving on Friday and I must get my rest to drive 4 hours back home. We have met several campers and hope that we meet on the road again. Each time we talk to campers we learn something new. Like what campgrounds not to stay in, and what roads that are the best to go on, to the next campground. If you are lucky you learn a new way to prepare your favorite steak,soup,or even a complete meal in a crockpot!!

Keep the Campfires Burning
David & Sandra

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