Monday, January 2, 2012


High Campers
   We have not used our Coach but once this year, on a trip. That was the FMCA Convention in Perry, Ga.
We did however use our Coach for several months at the house, boy did it save on our power bill!!!
We pulled the Coach near the house and plugged it up to the house and enjoyed the fun of sitting out in our big recliners and enjoying the sounds of nature. It is cheaper to cool a 800 sq.ft. house than a 3800  It also gave us a chance to try out what it will be like when we go full time.  I know we will like the change because we have less space to clean up.  The view is awesome out the back yard.  We can see all the way from Greenville, SC, to Chesnee, SC.  We can also watch the airplanes take off and land at the Spartanburg/ Greenville Airport.  The lights at night are beautiful.
   I plan to retire this year in April, and start enjoying the Coach more.  Our house is for sell and hope that the market will improve this year.  We really want to start our full time vacation.  When the house sells we will be able to start. The added cost of the house (ins.,taxes,etc.), out way the cost of traveling.
   I had hoped to travel more this year (2011), but the time off at work was very tight.  The funds to travel were also hit hard because the overtime at work was cut back alot.  It seems that the paycheck is getting smaller and the taxes and payouts to everyone is getting bigger.  The only thing Sandra and I can do to cut back, is for us to eat every other day.  Tried that and she ate on Mon./Wed./Fri. I ate on Sun./Tues./Thurs./Sat.  I kept on steeling her food and well we figured it don't work. (hope you don't believe that haha).
   Our hope and prayers for everyone, is to have a better year. We pray, that each of your campfires are many, and you keep on finding the friends that you have never met. We pray, that we find each of you,
and that all of the trips that you take are safe and full of memories.

Keep the Campfires Going
David & Sandra

This is pic's of our back yard.

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