Sunday, May 13, 2012

THE OAKS 9-3-10

Hi All,
We are camping in The Oaks of Point South, S.C. The weather is great and plenty of sun shine. We travel several times here because the campground has pull thru sights, and they are very flat. This is a travel stop for the snow birds heading to Florida. We like it because it is close to several places we like to visit. We always like to visit a Hunting Island State Park. It has the best beaches and Light house (very tall). This time of year there are Sand Dollars on the beach everywhere you look. We collected about 75 small ones and large ones. The storm must have washed them up. Star Fish were all over the rocks. First time to see so many. The forest on the island is beautiful with board walks and very tall trees and little deer that just stand and look at you. Watch out for the skeeter's, they love the other white meat.
The other place we like to go is Savannah, Ga. The river street is a great place to go and just watch the boats. I think someone is on our boat!! Ha Ha. The day and night cruses on the Savannah River Boat are the best. Stop by the nut store and try all the samples I did twice and started to go around again, and the eyes started to look at me. I did go and get two chocolate covered cashews. One for me and then another, then Sandra asked me when I got back to her did I get her one. Well dear it was too small to taste so I just ate both of them. It was best for her. We got caught in the rain and lightening storm, but then we started to walk again.
This was a short ten day trip, that went by very fast. We will be back some day and travel to another destination. Our next trip will be a short trip we like, Table Rock,S.C. Hope to write a interesting blog then. See Ya!



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