Sunday, May 13, 2012


Hello Readers,
We found out that tent camping was fun years ago,but as we get older the fun is being able to get up off the ground, and be able to walk! You have heard of the term "Roll out of Bed". I think that phrase was invented by a 55 year old tent camper. You roll out of the sleeping bag, and there you are, on all fours. Then you sit back on your heals, and ask God, "Please, God let me stand and walk out to the warm fire." Then you get out to the fire and someone let the fire go out. Knowing that your old bones need heat NOW! You get back down on all fours again, and ask God "Please let there be hot coals!" By this time your little angle is sent out of the tent and the little voice says "grandpa whats wrong, want me to get the fire going?" Then the idea comes to you, yes there is a greater reason we brought you. Then as you tell the little angel to blow on the last red coal. With all of his might he blows all of the ashes in your face! Then the little angel starts to laugh and thinks this is good. Now, no one has wakened grandma, but as you clean the ashed out of your face you here the dreaded CLICK. The camera bandit has saved this for all time. Well the fire is finely going and you are standing again. All is good, nope! Here you stand and the coffee is made by the lady of the house (TENT). Now there you stand with a hot cup of coffee and a hot fire. Then you start the elderly hot fire dance. You put the left foot in, you take the left foot out, you put the right foot in ,you take the right foot out. You do the Hokie-pokie and you shake it all about. (Remember that??)
Well, now to the real reason we got a mobile camping device (called RV). I have a uncle called "Jack". Everyone has one of these. The life of the party, the one you never let know about a stupid idea or statement you have made. Jack will never let you forget it, and reminds you at the wrong times. He showed us his "mobile camping device". It was beautiful and no "Rolling out of bed". It is a 24 foot Pace Arrow. Comes with the devices that makes camping fun. A automatic Coffee device, sleeping device, and the most important device, a heater! No more ashes in the face and blowing, and blowing, and blowing! Well, now I have succeeded in convincing the boss, well Jack did. (Thanks Jack) The words that all men want to here "Honey we need one of these". Off to the shopping fun. Well we find a 38 foot National RV. It was very nice, and Jack helped us by looking at the RV. We buy, and our days of "Rolling out of bed" is over.
Our first trip is to The Oaks at Point South, in S.C. All of the sights have pull -thru and are flat. This is good for the first timers. We level, we hook up. we pop out. All is good. Now time for the man to cook. It was good. Now the boss says it's time to walk, and walk, and walk. Our trip was great, and we love the lifestyle. We are about to retire and are looking to start "Full time camping". There are places that God has made that we want to see. We love our first RV, but there are a few things that need to be adjusted to. The bed room is for people that are not thick, but very very thin. We tried to change clothes in the bed room and ended up landing on the bed. We found out that only one at a time, and dress in the bathroom area. The next thing that we noticed was wrong, was that we changed, after watching TV. Sandra ended looking up, and I always looked over my left shoulder hours after we stopped watching. Our necks got stuck in that position. Well after many bengay rubs we decided to look for a different RV with the larger Bedroom, and the TV across from the couch at eye level. We found our "mobile camping device"
It's a 40 foot Winnebago Tour Coach with 4 slides. Bedroom has changing room and TV is right where we can watch without the bengay rub.
In our next Post we will talk about some of the trips we have taken. We will show some of the pic's and as always spread some laughs.



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