Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hi Readers,
This post is how Sandra and myself got started with the infection (camping bug). Sandra wanted to buy a tent and go camping on the backside of the property. Well we have no equipment to camp in. We had a old Coleman two burner stove, and lantern. That was it. So we went and bought a tent and thought we were ready. Finely the three day weekend came, time to pitch the tent. We loaded all of the camping stuff in the trailer of the riding lawn tractor, and proceeded down the logging road and found a great spot next to the creek. This spot is about 1800 ft. from the house and all down hill. Well its time to show the lady of the house that her manly man knows how to pitch a tent. The writing on the box says that this tent can be set up in just minutes (believe that). Forty-five minutes later the lady of the house is sitting on the tractor reading the instructions. Out of nowhere I here "What you need to do is read this". Any of you Boone guys heard this before?? Well the problem was the rubber band sticks. They were longer than the tent. Then I here "rotate the sticks". As politely as I can say, I reply "OK". Now the rubber band sticks are longer than the tent. The boss of the house now instructs the man of the house how to put the sticks in the corners of the tent. Picture a tent flat on the ground and the vertebrae standing in a dome position above the flat tent. "Houston" we have a problem here. So now I know what that round hook is for in the middle of the tent. I proceed to take all of the rubber band sticks out of the tent, and hook the round hook in the middle where it goes. Now I place the rubber band sticks back in to raise the tent, its done. OOPS It is backwards the door is in the back. Then the angle still sitting on the tractor comes up with an idea that I had. Rotate the tent around. Then with the help of the angle, the tent is now facing the right way. Now the Lady of the tent unzips the tent and goes inside and states "we" done good. Sandra walks back up to the house and gets some stuff. I make a fire-pit and set up the camp area. Sandra comes back down and drops the stuff. Then she states "I should have took the tractor". Then jumps on the tractor and takes off back to the house. I start the campfire and it is good. I am sitting on a pile of wood and Sandra returns and ask "How did you do that" pointing at the fire. A man has got his talents I stated. Then she says I smell kerosene. Oops caught again. Well I help her take the futon mattress in the tent and put the sheets on. Now the tent is ready. I fix us a hobo steak dinner and sa'mores. It is getting dark and the fire wood is about to go out. We go in the tent and rest. There was no sleeping for us. Do you remember all of those noises in the dark you here. She heard all of them, each time I was awakened by an elbow in the ribs. The voice of my wife saying "whats that ?". I never heard nutting and that's the truth! Well the rest of the camping trip was good, she got use to the noises and it was time to go back to work.
This was new to us, and we enjoyed it. We waited for the weekends and rushed down to the campsite, and proceeded to start a lifestyle of living out in Gods backyard. Then we spotted the large black mountain cat in the woods near we camped in.(ain't no house cat either) We decided to invest in our first camper, she decided.
In the next post we will show the trips in our first camper.


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