Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Camping Bug Bite

Hello Readers!
Well before I get all of you up to date on our travels I need to tell the story of the past. For the most of us we were bitten by the camping bug many years ago. There is no spray for this. If you are bitten you are infected for life. Sometimes the infection takes time to change your lifestyle. Mine took many years. I do remember the time I was bitten. It happened many years ago. Mom and dad took us to Table Rock State Park in S.C. and the coast in N.C. (Cape Hatteras) I think. Being very young I knew there was a lot of sand. Dad had made the Camper that we used. He was so proud, it was a camper that had 4 bunks (2 on each side). The camper was made of wood and had two windows one on each side,and a door in the back. The color was a dark green. The car that pulled the camper was also a dark green 1951 chev. The camper lasted for over 50 years. Not bad for a hand made camper. Well, there was 5 of us. Guess who slept on the floor and on a air mattress? I was the only male child , does that tell you? Every time someone got down they stepped on the only male child. Dad told me that girls sleep on beds, men sleep like Boone. Hay, I had the coon skin cap and the deer skin pants. I was the only choice in my mind, it was what Boone would have done. As I lay there that night I wondered, I think I just got talked into this. All night the camper tossed left and right like a boat. Every time someone went to use the bathroom I shifted to the left and right, on the air mattress. I thought this was a camper not a ship.
The next morning was the best part of the trips. Its breakfast time, the smell of bacon, eggs, toast, and the adult beverage, Coffee, smelled great but, never tasted till I was in my twenties. The drink of Boone boys was orange juice, or Tang. Now you know how old I was. The other breakfast was cereal with canned milk. Remember that.
I hope that all of your infections of the camping bug was as good as mine. Remember that the children of campers are 95% most likely to become bitten.
In the next post I will be telling you about my beautiful wife and our start in the camping lifestyle. Tent camping all the way to our coach.

Keep the campfires burning
David & Sandra

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