Friday, December 10, 2010

Home Style Camping

Hi Readers,
Well the year is about up, and it is time to pack our coach up for the winter. Sandra and I did not get to take all of the trips that we wanted. Biggest reason is the four letter word, (WORK). So, we decided to improvise and make the best of a bad thing. We popped open the sides on the coach' and put up the satellite, and opened the awnings, put out the lawn chairs, and "home camped". Don't laugh to hard, it was fun. We cooked out every night and enjoyed the sunsets and the skeeter's. We sleep better in the coach than the house. I have no idea why. I think that when it rains we sleep better because we here the drops on the roof, just like "grandma's tin roof.
We started in Sept. and stayed out in the coach till Dec. 1. Boy did the power bills fall. We have a power bill of around $170.00/mth, and when we stayed in the coach our power bills went down to around $100.00/mth. Now that helps provide $$ that we can use on our next trip. Most of use the facilities in the park we are at, instead of using our coaches. When it was time for my monthly Saturday shower,(haha) I just went to the house and took a shower. This was the longest time we have stayed in the coach. Well it won't be long before we can start full time camping, and I can get back to the once a month shower. Never forget that the time you share together in a camping trip is the closest time you and the one you love will spend together.


David & Sandra

P.S. This is a pic. of our back yard, we look at when we camp in out coach

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